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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Is this Suitable for Doll's Hair?

These are samples of some locks that I have teased from my latest washed fleece.   I have taken photos of them to send to a client to see if they are suitable for dolls hair.  They are very long, that is an A4 sheet of paper so they are about 11 inches long but are they curly enough.  They should be super to lock spin and they will be very easy to flick card for worsted spinning.   I find it really difficult to get fibre suitable for locks.  Some fleeces work really well and this one looked perfect until I washed it


  1. They look gorgeous, and I'd say they would look lovely as dolls hair, particularly for an angel or Lord of the Rings Elves!

    1. I hope they are OK as I have just dyed a whole lot blonde for a custom order. this is a whole new world to me and a steep learning curve