Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Lock Spun Yarn

The next yarn off my Spinolution Mach11 Wheel.   This is spun straight from the locks no carding or combing.  I just tease out the locks and spin them using the slowest ratio on the wheel.  I then plied them to give a nice even spin and to strengthen the yarn.  Wensleydale wool is very smooth and the locks can pull apart after spinning but once it is plied it is a strong yarn. This yarn has a natural boucle effect.
I then kettle dyed the yarn using a rainbow method to give these rich colors.  I am going to call it  Markree Woodland , here in the North West of Ireland we have the most wonderful Temperate Rain Forests which are darkest green at this time of the year.  Very little bark showing as the trees are covered with ferns and mosses.
 I am not listing this yarn on Etsy as I am making very small amounts


  1. Oh wowwwww! Fabulous colours! I am drooling ;)

  2. Thanks, a bit like what I sent you as a sample but this is not tail spun. Having fun on my new wheel as it spins all types of yarn without needing any extras. I hope to make some more using the same dyes.