Saturday, 20 July 2013

A Yarn is Born Part 1

This is showing part of the process I use when making yarn out of a shorter staple wool than pure Wensleydale. This wool in half bred Wensleydale and although it has a longer staple than most types of fleece I can pass it through the drum carder.
The first photo shows two colours that I have chosen for this yarn.  The red was from different dye lots and I have blended them while carding to make sure that the finished yarn is a uniform colour.
In the next I have blended 3 different red batts and  1 black
In the last 2 it shows the fibre ready for spinning,   I have passed the batt through the drum carder a final time to try and disperse the black more evenly through the red.  The more often the fibre is carded the smoother the yarn should spin.

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