Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Wensleydale Locks

The summer has not been easy here in Sligo.  Official records recorded 29 wet days in August not exactly difficult to work out how wet that was.  I know we are lucky compared to many.  we had no floods but try to dry wool!  The summer should be the time when most of the wool gets washed and dried ready to work on over the winter.  My wool shed is full of fleece waiting to be washed and most of what I have done has had to be dried indoors.  Even taking photos can be difficult.  These I took this morning while the sun is out but it was a little early.  A bunch of Wensleydale locks I dyed last week.
Very soon I hope to be in my new workshop which I am looking forward to.  Attached to our house, the wool shed just outside and all my washing drying all in one place.  I will have a little more space too.

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