Friday, 15 September 2017

Mohair Glitter Yarn

More of the mohair from James' farm in Donegal.  Washed using really hot water and lots of detergent and then dyed.  I didn't find it very easy to get information about dying mohair but one site said not to boil it as it spoils the lustre and that it takes the dye easily.  I kept the water just under the boil but if I wanted an even dye it would be necessary to soak the fibre really thoroughly before putting it into the dye pot.  I wanted different shades of turquoise so it didn't matter that some was almost white.  I then spun two bobbins of 25 grams and plied them with a glitter yarn.  This is 50 grams and about 140 yards.
I am selling the carded batts on Etsy

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