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Monday, 2 June 2014

Wensleydale Cross and Jacob Yarn

The yarn for this sweater was a special order.  It took several samples before we got the right mixture of black Jacob to white Wensleydale cross Suffolk.  It would have been nice to do it all in Jacob but all the Jacob fleece I had was too black.   There is very little black in this yarn but it looks quite  grey in the photo.   It was knitted on circular needles where possible which means that there is no seam line and change of color in the body or on the arms.   It is also a finer yarn than I usually spin and it shows the cable very nicely.  It is always lovely to see my yarn in a garment and interesting to see how the colours look. 


  1. nice make something personal customized..far away from standard globalisation !! ..Nowadays much more than before isn't it! great work . xx

    1. This whole project took over 6 months. Several samples of yarn from me taking weeks to get to Canada. Finally we settled on this yarn. all in all I have made a new friend although we are so far apart

  2. That is for me the greatness from Etsy people .. to make client-friendly,
    It happens to me as well !