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Sunday, 15 June 2014

The First of the 2014 shearing Washed

I have a big order for Jacob yarn and I was just about to start phoning round to try find some when Aidan contacted me to say he had 4 fleeces.  What luck!!   I am now busy washing and drying the fleece.  I need to have enough washed to fill the order so that it is all a fairly even color before I start so that will probably take me several weeks.  At the moment I am trying to find out exactly what my client wants as jacob yarn varies from white to very dark grey


  1. Hi Mary, Have you been in 'Golden Sheers' to get the wool ? ha ha
    If I tell you the true..I'm a bit scare because I love animals and I'm not sure if they 'suffer' when ' cutting their wool ' (alive I mean) ..
    you got , I guess ,a good order ..good luck!

    1. The shearing is a bit of an ordeal for the sheep but necessary. Most farmers are lucky if they get enough money for the wool to pay for shearing. The sheep would suffer terribly if they were not shorn every year.

  2. Such a lovely variation of colours on the wool! (bonus that it's 100% natural! :D)