Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Dying with Lichen Stage 1

I am doing a bit of very unscientific experiments with Lichens.   The top picture in the jar I am hoping is Evernia prunastri.  I gathered it after the storms as it has been blown down from the trees as it appears to only grow on the upper branches.  This I am fermenting in ammonia and as you can see I have a reddish color forming after a few days.  The trees are covered with another lichen that is much finer and I am not sure if that is worth having a go with.
The second one I have not a clue what it is and if I will get any color.  It grows in the woods here and is pretty prolific but judging by people's reactions it is not that common.  It is large and has a green top and white underneath.  I have it in a large bucket in the loo for people to pee into.   Once it is full enough it can go out into the shed!!   I am lucky at the moment as I have a cold and I have no sense of smell and so no idea what the house smells.


  1. Hold on, did you are fermenting lichen with...pee??? Or did I get this wrong?


    I remember a friend (who shall remain nameless) who worked with some leather and used the same method to soften the material. Her flat smellt...interesting ;)

    Do let us know how this will develop...!

  2. Some of these traditional methods have interesting ingredients. I am getting a really dark brown from the pee bucket

  3. oh LOL, the life of an artist is never dull :-)