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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Dyed Jacob Sheep Yarn

This yarn is spun from a fleece from a neighbouring farm.  Richard, the farmer,  runs a farm that takes school trips and has one or two Jacob sheep.   He gives me the fleece to spin.  the fleece is two tone, dark brown/grey and white.  I have washed it and then carded it, then spun it and dyed it.  I only did 4 skeins as a trial as I was a little unsure how they would come out.   They are yellower than show on my monitor and it is a chunky yarn.  It should knit up to make a very warm garment and could be used to make a design with plain Jacob yarn.  I sell it at only €9.60 for 80gms as it is much quicker to prepare and not a soft as my Wensleydale,  above all takes half the time to prepare 

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