Thursday, 12 July 2012

Setting the spin

Just finished the first yarn from the wool from Susie's lamb.  This yarn is made from 3 separate dye lots which I blended on my drum carder  and added a little yellow, red and orange wool which were from dye lots that I did last year with the wool from Susie's 2010 lamb.  I also added a little Angelina which gives the yarn a little sparkle.  I have over 800grams of the color way and it is Aran/worsted to chunky weight.  I have listed some of it on my Etsy web site, www.  If you are interested in more please contact me on my e-mail,
 The yarn that is hanging is a process called 'setting the spin'  the last part of producing yarn. The wool is soaked in warm water, I add a little essential oil, and then hang it out to dry with weights attached.  This takes any kinks out of the yarn and is a bit like putting your hair in curlers and it makes the twist permanent

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