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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

A busy day

Pure Wensleydale Fleece Drying
Wnsleydale X Suffolk Yarn

  Dyed Wensleydale X Suffolk Wool

A busy day today starting with washing some pure Wensleydale fleece and setting the spin on the yarn that I have spun from the fiber that is seen in an earlier blog on my drum carder.  A sunny day and all these were dry by the evening and now I have to weigh and measure the hanks of yarn and think of a name for it.

The pure Wensleydale wool is still pretty dirty but by the time I have teased it out most of the dirt will have fallen out as it has no lanolin to hold it.  I intend to spin this without dying it.  You can see how different it is to the Wensleydale cross fleece

The last photo is of Wensleydale X Suffolk which has for some reason taken the dye green at the tips and yellower towards the cut end.  Not sure why this has happened as I have dyed lots of the fleece and this hasn't happened with other colours

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