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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Mohair from Irish Angora Goats

I am working in partnership with Strongs Pedigree Angora Goats.  I am processing the fleece and James is farming the goats in Co. Donegal.  We think they are the only angora goats in Southern Ireland. 
I found it difficult to find out much about processing the wool , only that it needs to be washed using very hot water and lots of detergent.  Rinsed in very hot water as well.  The grease needs to be removed .   I have put up a before washing and after picking photo and produces clouds of white fiber when ready to be carded,  starting with the filthy wool that is in the first photo.
Just to make it clear,  mohair comes from Angora goats, angora from Angora rabbits and Cashmere from the under coat of goats from Kashmir.
I will post some photos of the finished yarn

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