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Friday, 24 February 2017

Selection of Yarns, Soay, Grey and Jacob

I have just set the spin on all these yarns today.
Left, is Soay,  a lovely natural brown fleece that is really soft as this was all the under coat of the sheep.  Soay are an ancient breed that sheds its fleece and this has to be gathered off the ground making it difficult to get and difficult to clean!
Middle, is a natural grey fleece that I have mixed with hand dyed silk noil.  I am knitting a chunky cardigan for myself with this.
Right,  pure Jacob that I have over dyed with Gaywool Raspberry.  This is a very effective way to produce Jacob. There is only a certain amount that you can do with grey wool but this brings Jacob into a new dimension giving the yarn a natural heathered look

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