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Monday, 4 July 2016

Blue Faced Leicester Locks

I just missed the main shearing of the farmer's sheep that has a flock of pedigree BFL and the bags had already gone to the collection point and were mixed with hundreds of other bags,  but they found a few fleeces and one man had some rams that were not shorn so gradually I managed to get some of this amazing fleece.   Do I love it or do I hate it??  When I dye some locks like these I love it, they will look wonderful felted into a anything.  Lots of different sizes of locks to suit so many projects,  but when I am sitting teasing out the tiny locks so that I can spin it I am not so in love.  I know it will spin to make the softest of yarn but it is tedious to prepare.  All in all I have only ended up with 2 small bags so it will not last long.  I will find it hard to part with these locks but I will have more to follow.  Dyed using food dye in the microwave,  so simple,  if it goes right!!

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