Monday, 25 April 2016

Lumra Rugs Traditional Irish Rug making

There appears to very little information about this wonderful way of making rugs.   I have met many people who could explain how they were made and some even had made them.  It is done with a large hook with a eye of a needle at the opposite end and so the  work is 'locked ' in with wool yarn. 
There is a strong tradition here in the North West of Ireland in the making of these rugs but it dyeing  out fast.  As far as I can gather the word Lumra is the Irish for fleece.   To make a rug for the floor would be a big job and it would use a lot of wool.  This is a small square that I have made, my second attempt.  My first was made with different coloured natural fleece which is very affective


  1. Interesting, and where did you hear about it? Have you a photo of the needle I wonder? where would one get such a needle? I have not heard of this method around here (Limerick).

      This is link to a shop that sells the needles and that is the needle you need. You may be able to get one at a local craft supply shop, but it took me ages to get one and then I found these on line from a shop that I buy from regularly