Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Felting Fiber. Clun Forest and Wensleydale Locks

Washed Clun Forest fleece  from sheep reared in Carlow.  These sheep have had no dips, vaccinations,  worm doses or anything like that so the fleece in almost Organic.  Clun Forest is sought after for spinning and felting as it is a fine soft fleece.  I have washed it using the fermentation method so it has had no detergents or hot water to ruin the fleece.

The locks are from my Wensleydale sheep and are really long and have  lovely curls.  A great color,   dyed with Landscape Ice.  I am selling the locks as they are or separated,  you can choose.  I think that they are so nice that i do not want to ruin them pulling them apart but there should be no waste either way

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