Sunday, 26 April 2015

Gradient Colored Yarn

This is a yarn that gradually changes color from violet to bright red created by mixing 2 dye lots of fiber in different proportions and so getting a gradual change of color.
To start dye the two base colors,  enough of make all the yarn that you want in the finished item.  I then blended them in different proportions on my drum carder. Each batt will need to go through at least 4 times  Starting with the middle color which was 50/50 violet and red.  I made 60 gram batts, so for this there was 30 grams of each color, then I made 40 grams red and 20 grams violet, 40 grams violet and 20 grams red,  50 grams and 10 grams for the next.   The last one is totally red or violet.
Spinning, I spun a single gradually working from the violet to the red and back again.  At this stage you need to be thinking what you are expecting to make out of the yarn as the smaller the garment the less of each color you need in each block.  I did this with an adult sweater in mind.
Plying needs to Navajo,  this is 3 ply but it means that the colors stay in blocks rather than getting mixed as they would with normal 2 ply

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