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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Twist and Shout A new Yarn

A new type of yarn for me.  Using my Spin-O-Lution wheel.  It is so versatile I can spin this yarn without changing anything except the ratio.  A slow process.  I started with a fine yarn spun in S twist,   trying to have as little spin as possible.  I then spun the second yarn in Z twist making plenty of slubs as I was spinning.
 Last stage of spinning I core spun the slub yarn onto the fine yarn using S twist and  using different methods when I spun on  the slubs.    I ended up with a rather over spun effect.   This I then gave a sharp shock to plunging it from hot to cold water and gave it a slow spin in the washing machine.  I then weighted it to set the spin but if you want it to be really springy just dry it the way it is and it will be as if spun on elastic.   


  1. How nice to see this yarn featured. I was staying at the lovely castle on the evening of the 23rd April and bought a hank of this to Kumihimo with skeined silk for the polymer clay pendants I make. I also "got the key" and had a lovely rummage to come out with two other hanks, one a gorgeous fuchsia pink and the other, a more subtle raspberry with a mix. I had to stop but there was a lovely pearlescent cream coloured yarn that I also coveted. I am looking forward to getting out my disc and getting started. Now should I thread on some amber beads? Hmmmmmm!

  2. Love to see some of your pendants. The cream yarn is the pure natural Wensleydale yarn. Their wool is not as white as most wools and has a wonderful natural luster. This shows up even more with the dyed wool which has been spun from carded batts or combed wool. I am glad you had a good rummage round and found more yarns. I will answer your email as well but am of little help, Mary