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Monday, 9 December 2013

Wensleydale Locks

My latest project was to dye some locks.  These I dyed after washing the fleece and then selected the suitable parts to produce locks.  I kettle dyed them in very little water.   The blue I used two different blue dyes and for the pink a dusky pink and a grey dye.  Most fleeces do not have very much fleece that will produce good locks and so I never have very many at a time.  Once I have dyed and dried the fleece I then tease apart each lock.  These locks are good for either lock or tail spinning as they have nice fluffy ends that will grab onto the yarn.  If the locks do not have these fluffy ends they have to be fluffed up before spinning.
 I have put them into 50 gram bundles and am selling them on my Etsy website.
Now I have to process the rest of the washed fleece by flick carding it before spinning

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