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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Bogway Hand Spinner

I found this at the British Wool Weekend.  A great little gadget that you can use anywhere (almost)  to spin yarn.  This really is suitable to take with you, small and easy to use.   You can spin and ply on it and it all happens on your knee so you really could use it on the bus or train,  maybe not Ryan Air.  I am delighted with it because now I can bring my spinning with me when I am on holidays or a short break and it is no more intrusive than knitting.  Sold by Low Lands Legacy


  1. I love my Turkish drop spindle, but will definitely check this one out. Never seen one like this before!

  2. I was disappointed when I checked the web site as there was nothing about it there. It is easy to use and I thought would be a nice add on to my spinning workshops